I am so excited to bring you the next big thing in erotic hypnosis! This has been a long time in coming and I am so thrilled to finally be able to offer it to all of you who have been patiently waiting for new material from me! Today is the day I get to introduce my HypnoMix Playlist(tm) approach to erotic hypnosis and trance.

This is a revolutionary new program designed to help you experience the deepest and most powerful trance imaginable. The mp3′s utilize the same 3D Binaural soundtrack technology© that fans of my Be Less Materialistic mp3 will recognize, and the playlist approach offers amazing layered flexibility to offer you the comprehensive trance experience that you crave.

How does it work? I am offering individual pieces that each serve a specific function in creating the strongest trance possible. You will purchase an induction, a deepener (or multiple deepeners) and a trance according to the theme that appeals to you. Create a playlist in whatever software you use to listen to these files and get comfortable, turn the volume UP, and enjoy.

Please note, and this is very important- none of these pieces stand alone! YOU MUST purchase at minimum an induction and a trance in order to experience a full trance using these recordings; they are not fully necessary, but deepeners will enhance your experience significantly so it is strongly advised that you purchase one as well.

Why approach erotic trance this way?

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This for entertainment purposes only erotic hypnosis recording is a 27 minute sensual trance urging you to let go of your need for material desires. This session is a mental reprogramming mp3 that redirects fulfilling your materialistic desires to fulfilling Mistress’ wants. It utilizes 3D Binaural soundtrack technology© to provide a deeper and more fulfilling trance. USE STEREO HEADPHONES, turn the volume UP, and indulge yourself with this professional top tier recording.