Build Your Own Trance

I am so excited to offer a new approach to erotic hypnosis phone sex sessions- build your own trance using Hypno-Click Mix!

What is it?

Hypno-Click Mix is a 3 part (or more with additional deepeners and / or trances) playlist designed to give you the deepest trance possible. Your playlist is constructed with an INDUCTION, a DEEPENER, and a TRACE. Each piece is necessary to give you the deepest trance possible; I’ve parceled these pieces out to couple repetition with variety because both are valuable in having a full hypnosis session.

Why Hypno-Click Mix? Why not just stand alone full recordings? My favorite hypnodomme uses stand alone recordings!

Try Hypno-Click Mix and I am pretty sure I’ll be your new favorite. Why?

Research shows that repetition in induction and deepeners supports deeper trance- the concept is that repetition and reuse of the same inductions and deepeners enables the mind to go on autopilot to get to trance sooner and more effectively. That repetition is valuable to your experience, but the real “work” of hypnosis happens in the trance phase. There is only so much work you can do in each session, and I assume that many hypnosis fans would like to work towards a non-specific “something” that will grow their hypnosis practice.

When I separate the pieces I am able to use the trance portion to create a different experience on the subconscious level each time using various themes to fulfill your fetish fantasies. Some trance tracks will integrate guided masturbation, some won’t, some are themed sexually, some aren’t- but the intention behind this set up is to drive you deeper faster and in a more fulfilling way.

Why post more than one induction or deepener if repetition is so valuable?

I am offering a variety of inductions and deepeners because, simply put, some work better than others for each individual. That’s what makes the Hypno-Click Mix so valuable- it’s truly customized for you! It’s also fun to experience change for the sake of change once in awhile.

Is this a scam to make more money for Mandy??

Because I can’t manipulate you as is?? No! This approach will actually be more cost effective than any other professional top tier erotic hypnosis recordings because once you find the formula that works for you with induction and deepener you’ll be able to purchase trance only.

Ok, I’m in! What do you have and where do I buy?

Surf & Buy Inductions Here:

Surf & Buy Deepeners Here:

Surf & Buy Trance Tracks Here:

And pay?

All payment is through the Niteflirt Phone Sex Platform. I also offer 3 free minutes to first time callers on Niteflirt- click this link to sign up now!

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