Hypno-Click Mix: Deepening Tracks

Deepeners enable a deeper trance by guiding the mind into a state of further relaxation. Deepeners reinforce the work of the induction with an invitation to let go further. These help create the deepest and most fulfilling trance possible, so they are definitely not to be missed!

All deepeners are professional top tier in quality. Deepeners blend seamlessly with induction and trance tracks- USE STEREO HEADPHONES, turn the volume UP, utilize gapless playback when available and enjoy!

    Available Deepeners (Newest Releases First):

    Amnesia (4 Minutes): $5.25

    Amnesia is designed to create a sense of, well, amnesia while in the trance state. The amnesia track will instruct you to remember to forget to remember and remember to forget everything that happens while you’re under allowing the hypnotist more influence and control. Amnesia utilizes 3D Binaural soundtrack technology¬©.

    Click here to purchase the Amnesia deepener for $5.25.

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