Hypno-Click Mix: Full Trance Tracks

Trance tracks are where the true fetish work of erotic hypnosis phone sex sessions happen- it’s where the hypnotist is able to plant suggestions and triggers, fulfill fantasies, and explore reprogramming and play. I will be releasing a huge variety of trance themes to find something for every fetish, so you’ll want to check back regularly!

All trances are professional top tier quality, and blend seamlessly with inductions and deepeners. USE STEREO HEADPHONES, turn the volume UP, use gapless playback when available and enjoy!

    Available Trance Tracks (Newest Releases First):

    Erotically Addicted To Mandy (15 Minutes): $19.95

    Erotially Addicted is based on the following tenets: I am a powerful woman who will turn you into an addict in exchange for sexual pleasure for you and I have the ability to replace your will with my own agenda. If you enjoy mind control you’ll love Erotically Addicted to Mandy- this recording utilizes 3D Binaural soundtrack technology¬© to provide a deeper and more fulfilling trance.

    Click here to purchase Erotically Addicted to Mandy for $19.95

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