Hypno-Click Mix Induction Tracks

Hypnosis inductions are what induce a trance state in the mind- they guide the conscious mind into an awake sleep to enable the hypnotist to have a “conversation” with the subconscious. They typically involve both relaxation and an invitation to trance.

All inductions are top tier professional quality. Inductions blend seamlessly with deepeners and trance tracks- USE STEREO HEADPHONES, turn the volume UP, utilize gapless playback when available and enjoy!

    Available Inductions (Newest Releases First):

    Bubbles (5 Minutes): $3.25

    Picture yourself enveloped in a warm and deeply relaxing bubble bath. It’s inviting total relaxation all over your body- so much so that soon you’re finding yourself in a single bubble drifting away into a deep deep hypnotic sleep. Bubbles utilizes 3D Binaural soundtrack technology¬© for a deeper induction.

    Click Here To Purchase Bubbles Induction for $3.25

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